Senior Life Settlements

Discover the true value of your life insurance.

If you are a senior, you can sell your life insurance policy for a lump sum cash settlement.

Couple accepting an offer to sell their life insurance policy.
Many seniors have discovered that their personal and financial circumstances have changed over the years. The original reason for buying a life insurance policy may no longer apply. You now have options that will free you from paying life insurance premiums and give you a lump sum cash settlement, often greater than the cash surrender value of the insurance policy.

Seniors may have a dire need to access money for medical reasons, pay assisted living expenses, or to simply eliminate high premium payments. Also, a life insurance settlement doesn't need to be repaid … It's like found money. We introduce a policy holder to one of the largest pools of potential buyers for life policies. There's no cost to the policy holder to get an appraisal and a settlement offer, which they can accept or reject.
Life Insurance Settlements Inc.

Life Insurance Settlements Inc, is one of the nation's most experienced life settlement brokerage firms, licensed in all 50 states. For seniors who own an existing life insurance policy with face values starting at $100,000 for Whole Life, Term Life with a conversion feature, or a Universal Life policy, the process is easy. The seller submits a simple application and a copy of the insurance policy to Life Insurance Settlements Inc for a free evaluation and appraisal.

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